My life story

Here are 9 different scenes from the imagination of her life at that time. However, she had a very strong imagination and tried to depict the individual scenes with a quick painting medium like watercolor so that others could experience her imagination in this way.

Excessive temper

One of her friends did something very aggressive out of anger and was carried away by another friend. With this drawing she wanted to make fun of her friend’s very exaggerated temper.

Jeff and Puto, the arrival

The monster character Jeff the Killer, known from horror stories, welcomed Puto the Almighty from his journey from Mars to Earth and showed him some sightseeing from Earth.

Eyleen and the Aliens

Eyleen (© Character by Anna Sadler) found an alien, who is on a world that the aliens have already conquered, who has yellow (so not red like the other Alines) eyes just like hers. So he didn’t grab it. But the other aliens attack everything that is not red, white or black. Around her are small One Eye Aliens who don’t do any harm.

Merry Christmas

Three special friends with somewhat unusual facial features deliver Christmas presents together to ensure that those who have not received any presents have a nice Christmas.

On journeys of discovery

This time the three special friends, dressed in jackets designed and painted by Anna herself, go hiking together to explore the surrounding area in more detail.

Puto’s Army

Since Puto had the extraterrestrial ability to replicate himself as often as he wanted, he used this to build his own army to protect him. The number of his soldiers grew very quickly to several thousand units.

Jess with the Smiley in her Hair

Jess is a female character creation with a laughing smiley in her hair (© Anna Sadler).

The forklift

Since Anna constantly had new ideas, which she used to continually create her visions, she became more and more a kind of working girl.

As she continually recorded her ideas on paper and piled them into piles, she began to feel more and more like a forklift that was used in a similar way, only with pallets. That’s why she captured this idea in the form of a painted forklift.

The three masked friends

The idea of designing a mask that didn’t look like a normal mask came to Anna one day. She also wanted it to come to life when you put it on. A third glowing reptile-like eye was created in the centre of the mask’s mouth, which terrified people when they looked at it. The three masked friends then travelled around with the living eye mask.

Caught on a security cam

This random security camera shot here is audio-visual evidence of the fearless living eye masks worn by the three inseparable friends rolling around. So you had to believe the terrified people who crossed their path and no one who hadn’t met them could claim they didn’t exist.

Posing in the Wind

Sometimes, when Anna really wanted to capture the experience of an element, she wanted to portray it vividly, and this time the element to be portrayed was an almost invisible one, namely the wind.
So she developed a character that she used as a model, wrapped in a scarf and cap in a very casual and cool pose standing in the wind.

Escape after the break-in

She used the same character as before to capture a quick escape movement. As if someone has to flee quickly, skilfully and easily, jumping over a wall after committing a burglary to avoid being caught by any pursuers.

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