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Rockin’ In The Spirit World

As I was walking near Plymouth, England, I came across a disused, round building that had once been used for storing fuel in the 2nd WW. It was situated behind some metal fencing and the grasses had grown so tall that the building was camouflaged by its own surroundings.

The space attracted my attention for a number of reasons. When you are stood inside; light seems to flood through the doorway and is blinding, distorting your vision and causing you to squint. The acoustics of this space are intriguing and I will re-visit this place to take some recordings. The ground beneath your feet seems to be hollow. The deep echo and the sensation that the floor may crumble beneath you brings with it a sense of fear.

There is a circular hole in the roof that draws light onto the adjacent wall and over time, this light drifts slowly around the space. The scale of the building is immense – it certainly feels like you are being contained within a place not designed for people.