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Covering and Exposing Exhibition – Epsom – Feb 2015



Exhibition in Epsom – ‘Covering and Exposing’.

Work was For Sale during the exhibition.

Exhibition went alongside a symposium. I delivered a paper at the University for Creative Arts, ‘Artist as Patient’.

This ‘paper’ since been published in a magazine. See post below.


Acts Of… Testbed Gallery, Battersea (November 2014) Live Art Performance > PLAP2

As part of PLAP (Performance Live Art Project), I responded to the vast, open warehouse in Battersea by entering the only dark, space in the building; a corridor of toilet cubicles. I acted and (re)acted to the space as thought it were a testbed for the post-apocalyptic world or a subterranean landscape.

Having created a 8 LED spider wire for my body, I positioned myself as an accessory like all the other objects in this space. Standing still, leaning, or curling up, I created tension between my body and the objects; juxtaposing myself against sinks, cubicle doors, tiled walls and and drain pipes.

As the audience entered the space, their awareness was drawn to the LED lights and the silhouette of a figure. Statuesque, mannequin-like, science fiction character, I was guided by the light that was being emitted from my skin.



Decentralised Networker Congress – (Caz, Penzance) November 2012.

Originally conceived of by H.R. Fricker, and coordinated by Peter W. Kaufman the network encompassed over 500 artists from 25 countries and featured over 250 events. In Celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the project, a series of events, exhibitions, and actions will take place in artist led spaces in Penzance, (UK) Odzaci, (Serbia), Ponte Nossa, (Italy) Roanoke, (USA) and Buenos Aires, (Argentina) between 2- 4th November 2012 in order to reactivate and expand the network and to take advantage of advances in communication technology.

As part of this event, networkers involved in the project opened up 130 pieces of ‘mail art’ and responded to these pieces of work by making replies and re-posting these back to their origin.

We also used facebook, twitter and skype to share actions and thoughts with the International collaborators. The performance jam was hosted by the Exchange Gallery, Penzance – UK in collaboration with CAZ (Cornwall Autonomous Zone)

As part of the performance jam, I connected with people on skype.

This work was about connecting and reconnecting with friends, loved ones and family/ facebook connections/ people I know and people I dont know.
Friends I have spoken to and those I have lost contact with.
Friends of friends, faraway folk and those close by.

It was about breaking down the boundaries of distance, time, location and emotions. It was about establishing and re-establishing face to face contact and looking at the ‘camera’ in the eye.

I repeated the words, “I Love You” from the moment I connected with a person until the person hung up.

I became interested in language and communication as a social construct and how meaningful (or meaningless) words can become when repeated over and over again and especially through social media and digital technology.


24 hour Live-Art Performance

I participated in a 24 hour Live Art performance in Leeds at the Live Art Bistro.

‘During and Enduring; This Presence we seek’

As part of the Live Art Development Agency, London (DIY Projects 2012)

Saturday 8th September @ 12 Midday until Sunday 9th September @ 12 Midday.

The 24 hour performance was broadcast live across the internet via Ustream.


This experience gave me the opportunity to fully immerse myself in non-verbal communication with other performance artists as an exercise in ‘presence’, ‘letting go’ and improvisation.

During the 24 hours, I became interested in observing and acknowledging my actions and patterns of thought in relation to conscious and unconscious reactions to light, darkness, silence, movement and sound.

By entering the ‘unknown’, I have found that it is only through a gift of silence and where keeping an eye on the clock is not a governing factor that I can really begin to unpack the ‘self’ in relation to the ‘other’ and gain a deeper understanding of the body we inhabit and the place and time that we live.


Still Image from Live Video Stream.

‘Blue Period’ – Time Cycle – (5.30pm – 11.30 pm)

I spent approximately 2 hours in a standing posture – using a Qi Gong energetic movement and meditation to experience the pain in the body in relation to the boredom in the mind.

Flickr Account

I have created a Flickr Account today so that visitors to my website can take a look ‘behind the scenes’ of my portfolio and explore the ways in which I create, think and test out ideas – in my studio – residency and project spaces.

Hored and Borny Exhibition

Hored & Borny
An evening of experimental explorations of seduction and sexuality
through lens-media, video and live art.
Sex & Intimacy. Public & Private.
Dirty & Documentational. Experiments & Lust
Shooting & Body. Frame & Camera. Romance & Porn.
Friday 20th July 2012

]performance s p a c e[
Hackney Wick, London.

Featuring projected and performed work from:

Inga Burrows
Anna Maria Pinaka
Anna Sadler
Ingrid Berthon-Moine
Kirsty Buchanan
Kristan Saloky
Mark Ellis
Melina Silva
Olivia Joyce Sparrow
Voilet Rose (Holly Hayes & Mx V)

Fringe Arts Bath Exhibition (Installation)

Friday May 25th – Sunday June 10th

FAB 2012, Bath

I installed my work on Stall Street, Bath – in the disused shop (The Officers Club)

Stacey Sewell curated the show called, ‘Sounding Bodies.’ The exhibition explored the body as producer and receiver of sound. My work was part of a group show located in the ‘changing rooms’ on the ground floor of the 3 storey building.

I exhibited the audio/visual installation; ‘Mouth Endoscopy’ – please see the link below

The audio in this piece is manipulated sounds from medical investigations coupled with the internal grumblings of the working body.

My work was exhibited at the end of a long corridor – in the damp, dusty and smelling fire exit! These conditions were perfectly suited to this work and I set about manipulating the space to create an experience for the viewer that was challenging and disorientating.

By extracting the false ceiling, I peeled away the skin of the space and was delighted to discover a metal extractor tube that stretched from one end of the space to the other. I blacked out the space and installed an overhead projection of the mouth. The metal extractor acted as a conductor of sound and the space was filled with a deep reverberation.

As the audience approached this work; the mouth seemed to dissolve into the void at the end of the corridor –

Extracting the false ceiling

Revealing the Interior of the space

The space above the extractor fan

The darkened void to project into