Artist Statement

My creative process can be viewed at the link below.

Through images and text,  you can explore the ways in which I work and my journey up to this point.


Through performance, video, sound and installation, I create real and physical experiences in space that transport the viewer to landscapes that are strange, foreign and surprising. My work is not for viewing, but for experiencing – away from the daily cycle of life, the uncertainty of the future and away from the mundane and repetitive existence of the mind.

I work intuitively; responding to a site by performing my body for the camera, reinventing surfaces for video projection, re-appropriating objects to view into and negotiating space to walk through. I actively seek opportunities to hangout in the ‘unknown’ as a way to physically experience what it means to inhabit a body while living in the ‘present’.

Participating in 10 days silent meditation, 24-hour live art performances and intensive time cycles of experimentation give way to experiencing the self by heightening the senses and expanding my field of awareness.

Just as the Universe is awakening to a conscious co-creation, I am experiencing new ways of working and collaborating alongside artists, choreographers, noise makers and performance artists both in my local community and across the globe. I am exploring innovative ways of hosting performances on social media like skype, facebook and twitter and questioning the collective experience of ‘living art’. This interdisciplinary practice lends itself to the humanities and medical practices as I look beneath the skin and enquire into states of consciousness; wakefulness, lucid dreams, anaesthesia.








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