Acts Of… Testbed Gallery, Battersea (November 2014) Live Art Performance > PLAP2

As part of PLAP (Performance Live Art Project), I responded to the vast, open warehouse in Battersea by entering the only dark, space in the building; a corridor of toilet cubicles. I acted and (re)acted to the space as thought it were a testbed for the post-apocalyptic world or a subterranean landscape.

Having created a 8 LED spider wire for my body, I positioned myself as an accessory like all the other objects in this space. Standing still, leaning, or curling up, I created tension between my body and the objects; juxtaposing myself against sinks, cubicle doors, tiled walls and and drain pipes.

As the audience entered the space, their awareness was drawn to the LED lights and the silhouette of a figure. Statuesque, mannequin-like, science fiction character, I was guided by the light that was being emitted from my skin.



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