Decentralised Networker Congress – (Caz, Penzance) November 2012.

Originally conceived of by H.R. Fricker, and coordinated by Peter W. Kaufman the network encompassed over 500 artists from 25 countries and featured over 250 events. In Celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the project, a series of events, exhibitions, and actions will take place in artist led spaces in Penzance, (UK) Odzaci, (Serbia), Ponte Nossa, (Italy) Roanoke, (USA) and Buenos Aires, (Argentina) between 2- 4th November 2012 in order to reactivate and expand the network and to take advantage of advances in communication technology.

As part of this event, networkers involved in the project opened up 130 pieces of ‘mail art’ and responded to these pieces of work by making replies and re-posting these back to their origin.

We also used facebook, twitter and skype to share actions and thoughts with the International collaborators. The performance jam was hosted by the Exchange Gallery, Penzance – UK in collaboration with CAZ (Cornwall Autonomous Zone)

As part of the performance jam, I connected with people on skype.

This work was about connecting and reconnecting with friends, loved ones and family/ facebook connections/ people I know and people I dont know.
Friends I have spoken to and those I have lost contact with.
Friends of friends, faraway folk and those close by.

It was about breaking down the boundaries of distance, time, location and emotions. It was about establishing and re-establishing face to face contact and looking at the ‘camera’ in the eye.

I repeated the words, “I Love You” from the moment I connected with a person until the person hung up.

I became interested in language and communication as a social construct and how meaningful (or meaningless) words can become when repeated over and over again and especially through social media and digital technology.


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