24 hour Live-Art Performance

I participated in a 24 hour Live Art performance in Leeds at the Live Art Bistro.

‘During and Enduring; This Presence we seek’

As part of the Live Art Development Agency, London (DIY Projects 2012)


Saturday 8th September @ 12 Midday until Sunday 9th September @ 12 Midday.

The 24 hour performance was broadcast live across the internet via Ustream.



This experience gave me the opportunity to fully immerse myself in non-verbal communication with other performance artists as an exercise in ‘presence’, ‘letting go’ and improvisation.

During the 24 hours, I became interested in observing and acknowledging my actions and patterns of thought in relation to conscious and unconscious reactions to light, darkness, silence, movement and sound.

By entering the ‘unknown’, I have found that it is only through a gift of silence and where keeping an eye on the clock is not a governing factor that I can really begin to unpack the ‘self’ in relation to the ‘other’ and gain a deeper understanding of the body we inhabit and the place and time that we live.


Still Image from Live Video Stream.

‘Blue Period’ – Time Cycle – (5.30pm – 11.30 pm)

I spent approximately 2 hours in a standing posture – using a Qi Gong energetic movement and meditation to experience the pain in the body in relation to the boredom in the mind.

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