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Into Great Silence

A film directed by Philip Groning released in 2005.

It is an intimate portrayal of the everyday lives of Carthusian Monks of the Grande Chartreuse high in the French Alps. The idea for the film was proposed to the monks in 1984, but the Carthusians said they wanted time to think about it. The Carthusians finally contacted Gröning 16 years later to say they were now willing to permit Gröning to shoot the movie, if he was still interested. Gröning then came alone to live at the monastery, where no visitors were ordinarily allowed, for four and a half months starting in mid-March 2002. He filmed and recorded the sound on his own, using no artificial light. Additional shooting of the documentary took place in December and January; Gröning spent a total of six months filming in the monastery and took about two and a half years to edit the film before its release. The film has neither commentary nor sound effects added, consisting only of images and sounds of the rhythm of monastic life.

Please see the link below for a film review by Carol Ann Raphael, ‘Watching Silence’


24 hour Live-Art Performance

I participated in a 24 hour Live Art performance in Leeds at the Live Art Bistro.

‘During and Enduring; This Presence we seek’

As part of the Live Art Development Agency, London (DIY Projects 2012)

Saturday 8th September @ 12 Midday until Sunday 9th September @ 12 Midday.

The 24 hour performance was broadcast live across the internet via Ustream.


This experience gave me the opportunity to fully immerse myself in non-verbal communication with other performance artists as an exercise in ‘presence’, ‘letting go’ and improvisation.

During the 24 hours, I became interested in observing and acknowledging my actions and patterns of thought in relation to conscious and unconscious reactions to light, darkness, silence, movement and sound.

By entering the ‘unknown’, I have found that it is only through a gift of silence and where keeping an eye on the clock is not a governing factor that I can really begin to unpack the ‘self’ in relation to the ‘other’ and gain a deeper understanding of the body we inhabit and the place and time that we live.


Still Image from Live Video Stream.

‘Blue Period’ – Time Cycle – (5.30pm – 11.30 pm)

I spent approximately 2 hours in a standing posture – using a Qi Gong energetic movement and meditation to experience the pain in the body in relation to the boredom in the mind.