Electronic Awakening

‘Untitled Form’, Digital Image. Anna Sadler. Installation View. August 2011. (46.8 x 33.1 in)

I have just come across a ‘work in progress’ documentary that addresses the transcendental experiences that are evident within Electronic Music Culture.

Andrew Johner received a full grant through the online ‘Kickstarter Fund’ – a sign that this research project is valued and inspirational. See link below.


His documentary seeks to analyse the culture’s collective evolution and lift the veil of these mysterious events and rituals to reveal the true nature of this phenomenon and its practitioners.

As I research further into spirituality in relation to the mind, body and creativity – I am drawn to the Electronic Sounds as a way to support and inspire my life and practice. The film explores the relationship between music and consciousness, the metaphysics of mythology, and the spiritual experience of ‘God’ as revealed through the cultural and ritualistic elements of dance. Interestingly, the film quantifies the phenomena of electronic dance music culture as an emerging form of spiritual practice – relating to the collective experience of the sacred.

As I enter into a longer and deeper practice of meditation and creativity this forthcoming week, I shall be interested to review the effects of listening to the pioneering work of Eliane Radique as I seek to explore a place within – through sound, movement, expression, drawing and video.

The epic culmination of the film reveals from an ethnographic standpoint how all of this information coincides with our planet’s alignment in the center of the galaxy on December 21, 2012, and investigates why the Rave Culture is preparing for a massive synchronized party on that date.

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