Slow Wave State

Consciousness and Dreaming:

I am experiencing altered states of consciousness through a meditative practice that I uphold for 2 hours a day.

My recent Work In Progress is exploring these states through light, manipulation of light, movement and energetic flow. I have become interested in the view from within; when the eyes are closed or as we are drifting in and out of sleep or awakening from anaesthesia.

The images and video are suggestive of the ‘between consciousness’ state – and the view from behind the eyelids or from within the iris – as a person returns to consciousness and tries to make sense of the world in which they live.

Slow Wave State combines alpha and delta brain wave activity which spreads across the brain in an anterior-posterior gradient. It emerges in deep non-rapid eye movement sleep. Alpha waves in the brain are connected with relaxed mental states like meditation. Delta waves and delta wave activity are marked by an unconscious state and a loss of physical awareness.

Slow Wave State: Photographic Image

Slow Wave State 1: Photographic Image

slow wave state 2: Photographic Image

Slow Wave State 3: Photographic Image

Slow Wave State 4: Photographic Image

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