Fringe Arts Bath Exhibition (Installation)

Friday May 25th – Sunday June 10th

FAB 2012, Bath

I installed my work on Stall Street, Bath – in the disused shop (The Officers Club)

Stacey Sewell curated the show called, ‘Sounding Bodies.’ The exhibition explored the body as producer and receiver of sound. My work was part of a group show located in the ‘changing rooms’ on the ground floor of the 3 storey building.

I exhibited the audio/visual installation; ‘Mouth Endoscopy’ – please see the link below

The audio in this piece is manipulated sounds from medical investigations coupled with the internal grumblings of the working body.

My work was exhibited at the end of a long corridor – in the damp, dusty and smelling fire exit! These conditions were perfectly suited to this work and I set about manipulating the space to create an experience for the viewer that was challenging and disorientating.

By extracting the false ceiling, I peeled away the skin of the space and was delighted to discover a metal extractor tube that stretched from one end of the space to the other. I blacked out the space and installed an overhead projection of the mouth. The metal extractor acted as a conductor of sound and the space was filled with a deep reverberation.

As the audience approached this work; the mouth seemed to dissolve into the void at the end of the corridor –

Extracting the false ceiling

Revealing the Interior of the space

The space above the extractor fan

The darkened void to project into


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